Interior Demolition: Safety Tips for Kids and Parents

31 July 2015
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If you are doing an interior demolition so you can convert a room of your home into something else, you need to take steps to ensure your kids are safe during the process. To protect the little ones in your home, here are some tips to keep in mind. They will help your demolition happen efficiently and safely:

1. Restrict toddlers from the area

If you have curious toddlers in the home, they are going to want to see what is happening during your demolition. Unfortunately, caution tape or even hanging plastic sheeting over the door may not be effective at keeping them out.

If you have a door on the space, keep it closed and consider adding a lock to it. Alternatively, put a baby gate over the entryway to that area.

2. Require little helpers to wear protective gear

If your kids are old enough to help with a bit of the demolition work, make sure they wear the right safety gear. They need long pants and sturdy shoes in case a tool gets dropped, but they should also wear protective goggles and hardhats.

Even if your kid isn't old enough to help but you want to bring him or her into the room so he or she can take a look at what is going on, make sure to put a hard hat on him or her. Invest in a few child-sized ones for this purpose as adult sizes don't give kids' heads the protection they need.

3. Contain dust in your work space

During an interior home demolition project, dust is going to fly. When dust fills the air, it can also fill your little ones nose and mouth, making it hard to breathe and triggering allergic reactions in kids who are prone to them.

Contain the dust in the room where the demolition project is happening by putting plastic sheeting over doorways or open spaces. Also, cover the vents in the work area so that dust doesn't travel through your HVAC system into other rooms of your home.

4, Hire a demolition expert

Demolition work looks fun, but it is much more planned and calculated than just throwing sledge hammers at the wall. You have to take steps to ensure you don't hit any studs or cause any damage that will cause the house to fall down around your little one.

To avoid mishaps, hire demolition teams like Roach Demolition & Excavations to advise you along the way or to do the job for you.