Why You Should Hire a Mini Excavator

4 November 2015
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Some people often say that bigger is better. Such people may downplay the value of hiring a mini-excavator when they have some work that requires earthmoving equipment. This article discusses some reasons why it would be wise for you to try mini-excavator hire for your next DIY project.

It is Cheaper to Move It to Your Site

You may not need to hire a haulage truck to deliver a mini-excavator to your site. This is because some mini-excavators are so small that you can easily pull them behind your pick-up truck. Many jurisdictions may not need you to have a commercial driver's licence in order to move this earthmoving machine in this way.

It is Easy to Operate

The learning curve that you have to go through in order to operate this machine on your own is very small. This is because mini-excavators are designed to have very simple controls. For instance, you can move the boom up by pushing up the boom lever. You can then bring the boom down by pulling the boom lever down. Such simple controls make the mini-excavator an ideal machine for DIY projects.

It Can Be Used in Tight Spaces

Many mini-excavators are designed to operate in very tight spaces. Some of these machines are made with a zero-tail swing. This means that the back of the excavator does not turn when the operator turns the cab in order to get a clearer view of the work area. This means that you can work without fearing that the back of the mini-excavator will damage a wall or any other object nearby.

You Can Choose from Different Track Systems

Mini-excavators give you the luxury of choosing between those that have steel tracks or those with rubber tracks. Some even run on wheels. Are you worried about the artificial turf you have just laid? Hire a mini-excavator with rubber tracks and the turf will suffer minimal damage as the machine moves over it. Will you be working in an area that is slippery or muddy? Get a mini-excavator that runs on steel tracks. That is how much you can pick different models to suit the surface conditions at your site. Such a wide variety may not be possible with big excavators.

Mini-excavators were made for small jobs and tight spaces like what may be at your site. Contact an excavator-hire company near you so that you pick a mini-excavator that will give you an opportunity to enjoy all the benefits discussed above.