What To Consider When Planning To Hire A Barge

1 August 2016
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Rental barges are regularly hired for different industrial applications such as construction, mining, dredging, bridge repairs, and other uses. Apart from checking for the obvious things such as dimensions and weight capacity, there are some other qualities you should consider when planning to hire one. Below, see what they are and what they mean for your intended use.

Is it self-powered or towed?

Most barges are self-powered, thanks to the in-built engine they have. However, there are other barges with no means of propulsion. These are meant to be towed by a powered marine vessel. The difference between such two types of barges is significant and has a far-reaching impact on the types of applications you can use them for. With a self-powered unit, you can travel anywhere on water and at your own pace. However, with a towed barge, you need a secondary vessel doing the towing. That vessel will then determine the speed, travel route, and maximum weight of your barge.

Can it be assembled to another barge?

Some barges can be assembled together to form one large barge. With these types of units, you have the ability to carry out larger works such as hauling extra large cargo. If your application ranges from small to medium in scale, a non-assembling barge will do just fine. However, if you plan on undertaking a very large task, having barges that can be assembled together could prove helpful down the road.

Can they be transported via road?

Some barges can be transported via road. While this is not a big consideration for most people hiring barges, it is a big plus in some applications. A barge that can be transported via road provides more possibilities. For example, it can move over very shallow water bodies. It's also easier to transport from one water body to another. The logistics are also much simpler where cargo needs to be moved from water to land or vice versa.

What other barge equipment is provided by the firm?

Another important consideration to make is to evaluate what barge equipment the company has available for use. Often, barge hire companies will lease or rent out mining equipment, construction equipment or fishing equipment at an extra fee. Such a service provides a lot of convenience because you get to source all your equipment from one place and probably at a fairer price as well.

By evaluating all the above, you will be in a position to hire a barge that meets your needs in a much better way. That is you will undertake your work easier and faster.