How To Pick A Course In Forklift Operator Training

23 June 2017
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Forklift operator training will ensure your equipment operators are qualified and fully trained to operate forklift equipment to the highest standards in safety and productivity. Whether you store items at height or on pallets, you'll need a fast and sensible solution to move your goods from the warehouse to the customer. There are a number of training courses that you can complete in order to become fully licensed in the use of forklift machinery, including order picking training and training to obtain your EWP license. 

Forklift Operator Training To Obtain A Forklift License

Forklift operator license training can vary in content and duration based on experience. A 1-day course will be more suited to experienced operators, while a 2-day course will be more suited to inexperienced operators who have little or no knowledge or experience with driving a forklift. Before beginning the practical forklift operator training course, students will usually need to study a pre-attendance learner pack to learn the basics of forklift operation and safety. 

Order Picking Training

Order picker equipment has the ability to work at a number of different heights. These heights include low, medium and high, and students will be required to complete forklift operator training for each different height. However, students can complete the high-level order picker training in order to be covered for all three heights. Once the order picker training course has been completed, candidates will have the skills and safety awareness required to operate an order picker forklift with confidence, safely and productively. 

How To Obtain An EWP License

An elevating work platform (EWP) is an articulated device, hinged device or telescoping device that is used to support a platform on which employees, materials or equipment can be elevated to carry out work or be transferred to another place. An EWP license is required to operate these machines and any other boom-type elevating work platforms. Once this training has been completed, students will be eligible to take their training to the next level by applying for a High Risk Work (HRW) license. 

Whether you are looking for basic forklift operator training for beginners or you are looking to specialise in a particular area of forklift operation, there are a number of courses that you can take to improve your career prospects and your skills. The right training will ensure you obtain all relevant licenses and work to the highest standards in safety.