What Type of Crane Will You Need for Your Construction Project?

8 December 2017
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It goes without saying that cranes are among the most useful construction equipment used to complete projects. Cranes mainly work by lifting machines through a series of pulleys and cables. They allow for the lifting of heavy items to heights of above 800 meters when necessary. These machines have made the loading, unloading and transportation of large items much more convenient.

As a result, many construction projects need to engage a crane hire service in order for them to obtain cranes that they can use to move the project forward. There are many different types of cranes that are used in construction. Knowing which one you need enables you to work closely with a crane hire service to ensure availability, negotiate prices, and settle on a final contract.

Tower Cranes

Tower cranes are the gold standard of the crane industry. They are the most commonly used cranes on construction sites. They consist of a long shaft that is solidly anchored to the ground. Near the top of the shaft, horizontal panels are attached to extend outwards and facilitate the lifting of loads up to high areas.

They are mostly used to construct tall buildings, and a typical crane hire service will stock tower cranes.

Vehicle Mounted Cranes

As convenience and flexibility continues to be a top priority during construction, vehicle mounted cranes have been recently developed. These cranes are loaded onto vehicles to allow for easier transportation of the crane from one site to the other.

When the crane is in use, a series of outriggers are extended upwards and outwards to maximize stability and allow for the use of the crane. After the work is complete, the crane can be collapsed and easily transported even on highways.

Crawler Cranes

Crawler cranes are another type of mobile crane. However, they don't require outriggers to maintain their stability. The crane is mounted on a chassis that contains tracks and can lift loads from between 40-3500 tonnes. They usually need to be disassembles before the can be transported. 

Aerial Cranes

An aerial crane is basically a crane that is mounted on a helicopter to lift heavy loads at high levels. They can be used on construction projects that are located in hilly terrain such as mountain slopes. They're also used to transport heavy items to hard to reach places that can only be accessed by air.

Aerial cranes may be tricky to find, so ensure availability with a company like Davo's Crane Hire.