How to Ensure That Your Major Land Clearance Job Goes As Efficiently As Possible

27 May 2019
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If you've got a fairly sizeable construction project ahead, you may be getting ready to clear the land in question so that you can bring in the "big guns" and get to work with the build. Yet you may need to bring in some quite significant equipment to get rid of the existing material and especially if you have a number of mature trees and extensive undergrowth on site. What type of equipment should you consider to make this job go as efficiently as possible?

Choosing the Best Equipment

With any construction project like this, the clock is ticking as soon as you get the go-ahead. Consequently, you'll want to waste as little time as possible in preparing the land for excavation and should not underestimate how long this task will take without the proper tools.


In order to cut down the trees and level the bushes in the first place, you will need to use a mulcher, complete with special attachments. This combination can bring the trees down to ground level without causing any damage to the ground beneath and can then dissolve the wood into mulch with remarkable ease. Each mulcher will be equipped with a sharp blade, which can be attached to a skid steer and manoeuvred into the necessary position.


You'll also need a grinder to get rid of the base of each tree after the initial clearance is complete. This will help you to dig up the stump with minimal interruption to the surrounding area. Furthermore, this machine can operate with remarkable efficiency and can get rid of a large number of tree stumps in a short period of time. An excavator or skid steer device can be used to propel the grinder to the work area.

Best Outcome

In an ideal world, you will want to ensure that the surface of the plot is uniform once land clearance work has been finished. You can only achieve this goal if you use the right type of equipment. You should also get hold of grinder and mulcher attachments to fit your base machinery.

Getting Ready

However, don't underestimate the skill involved in using this equipment as efficiently and as safely as possible. Talk to your machinery supplier about your requirements. They will be able to help you get hold of the best tools for your job and line up the right personnel as needed.

For more information, contact your local land clearing company.