How to Keep Your Earthmoving Equipment Operating Safely

26 September 2019
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From excavators to bulldozers, all earthmoving equipment can be dangerous if it's not kept in good condition. To ensure your machinery is always operating safely, here are three maintenance tips you should follow regularly.

Clean Regularly to Prevent Damage

Cleaning your earthmoving equipment isn't just about keeping it looking good. It's also an essential part of keeping the machinery free from damage. Over time, debris can cause abrasions, breakages and other damage to the delicate parts of the machinery. If that damage doesn't get caught and repaired quickly enough, one of your parts could fail, making the equipment unsafe to use. All sensitive parts of your earthmoving equipment should be cleaned regularly, but pay special attention to the seals. Seals are there to keep dirt away from the most fragile parts of the machine, but they can't do that if they're clogged with dirt themselves. Keeping your seals clean will go a long way in keeping the rest of your machine clean.

Lubricate Regularly to Prevent Wear

Lubrication is one of the keys to keeping most heavy construction equipment safe, and earthmoving machinery is no exception. Lubricant prevents the parts from creating too much friction when they're moving. Without lubrication, the excess friction will quickly cause severe wear, increasing your risk of a failed part that causes a serious accident. When lubricating your machine, always use the lubricant recommended in the manufacturer guidelines to avoid any damage. Of course, it's important to make sure you don't over-lubricate your earthmover. Too much lubricant can accumulate too much grease, compromising the seal and causing energy loss.

Inspect Regularly to Prevent Serious Problems

If you keep your earthmoving equipment clean and well lubricated, you're far less likely to face damage and breakdown. Of course, even the cleanest and best-lubricated machinery is not infallible. Eventually, all earthmovers will face some level of damage. That's why it's important to inspect them for problems regularly. If issues are caught early, they can be fixed before they cause harm. But, if they're not found, they'll eventually lead to serious, injury-causing breakdowns. All parts of the machinery are subject to problems, so make sure every part is checked regularly. Seals should be checked for cracks and looseness, belts and pulleys should be checked for misalignment and bolts should be checked for any stretching. Train your staff to know how to spot signs of wear and tear on the job too. On top of that, call in a professional every so often to give your machines a thorough, expert check. If there is any damage, make sure you have it repaired before using the earthmover again.

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