The Best Things About All-Terrain Cranes

14 December 2020
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Cranes are quite a popular means when it comes to heavy-duty tasks involving excavation, lifting cargo and construction tasks. These incredible machines quickly transport heavy objects from one point to another without breaking a sweat. As such, different cranes are designed with different goals in mind. Among the most popular types is the all-terrain crane.

With an all-terrain crane hire, you will be able to work through any kind of environment across all your construction activities. They have a truck control unit that helps with manoeuvring across gravel surfaces, ideal for inaccessible areas. Below are a few reasons why these cranes stand out among the rest.

Exceptional Mobility

All-terrain cranes have one trick up their sleeve: an all-wheel suspension and steering unit. This is essentially why these majestic cranes can move even in challenging environments filled with asphalt, gravel and sand. This level of mobility gives them an edge when handling various construction tasks.

The most intriguing thing about an all-terrain crane hire is that all your jobs, even those in the most inaccessible areas, have limited obstacles. The cranes can be used to reach areas with rough terrain and also can be easily manoeuvred at your construction site.

Tremendous Lifting Ability

Setting up an all-terrain crane is way much less complicated in comparison to other crane varieties. This is mainly because these types of cranes have a combination of booms which, together, constitute the entire functional system. Part of why they have a lower cost of transportation is because of the quad setup with a single cylinder in the boom structure.

This mechanical advantage is essentially what allows the crane operator only to manipulate the part that does the lifting instead of having to control the whole crane. The other factor is the incredibly resistant job that comes in handy during operations that require a double-hook setup.

For crane hire, this is an important feature when it comes to all-terrain cranes. All these factors combine to give the all-terrain crane a massive lifting capacity.

High Speed and Efficiency

Construction tasks require cranes that can move around in the shortest time possible. The other important factor is convenience, where a crane helps ease up the various processes. This way, very little time is wasted.

Efficiency is another critical factor to consider for all-terrain crane hire because of their mobilisation power. These cranes can also move at incredibly high speeds for their size.