Tipper Truck Hire Insights

18 July 2022
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Tipper truck hire is a cheaper alternative compared to purchasing the lorry. Besides, you have access to different tippers with varying capabilities. Below is an extensive excerpt on the intricacies of tipper truck hire. 

Your immediate concern when hiring a tipper truck would be the tipper's specifications. For instance, 

  • What is the tipper's load capacity? A larger tipper means less to and fro trips. When hauling large volumes of light goods (such as insulation or plywood), consider tippers that can tow a trailer.
  • Will you be working in muddy or off-road conditions? If you will, consider tippers with all-wheel-drive capabilities.
  • When working in tight areas, consider tippers with a short turning radius. Alternatively, you could opt for a smaller tipper.
  • Examine the tipper's fuel consumption vis-a-vis its power figures. Modern tippers offer the best of both worlds. They are fuel-efficient yet powerful.
  • If you intend to drive the tipper, examine its ease of operation. For instance, do the gears shift seamlessly? Does the tipper have hill assist? Is the power take-off shaft easy to operate? 

Your next task would be choosing an appropriate model. The general rule is to select a model renowned for excellent performance in rugged conditions. These tippers are unlikely to break down or develop problems such as overheating after long working hours. Then, assess the condition of the tipper. Look out for leakages, noisy hydraulics, a bent frame, missing controls, and too much smoking. It would also be wise to assess the tipper's maintenance records to establish the likelihood of the truck breaking down during the rental period. Do not compromise on anything, even if the rental company gives assurances. Although the company will not charge you for damages caused by its oversight, you risk slowing down your project.

Finally, assess the company's terms. Start by ensuring the truck has comprehensive insurance coverage. Then, examine the liability policy. In most cases, the company will charge you for repairs caused by your negligence. For instance, take a case where the hydraulic pump breaks down after overloading the truck. Check whether the company limits the area you can use the truck. Some companies could prohibit clients from crossing state boundaries if they do not have an interstate permit. Assess the rental rates by comparing several companies that meet your minimum rental criteria. For long-term rental, negotiate the rental charges to eliminate extra costs. For instance, you could insist on a fixed daily rate to prevent the company from hiking charges during weekends and holidays. Moreover, you could ask for a discounted fee when the trucks are not in use. 

To learn more, contact a tipper truck hire service near you.